Toastmasters take 2

Five years ago, someone suggested I go to toastmasters, for personal development and to help with career progression. Best time to go is in the evening but after work – so the question was whether to attend a group near by workplace or closer to home. The best option existed around 7pm close to my home. So I chose that.

And boy  was I disappointed! I went twice, but the group were much older than me and had very different reason for being part of the group. This gave me a bad impression. So I dropped out and didn’t look back. I forgot about Toastmasters until someone mentioned it to me again a few weeks ago.  

Since I’m looking to soon start my own business, the concept of trying again (elsewhere) appealed. And that’s what I’m doing now. Since I have flexible hours right now, I’m feeler freer to partake in this than I was before. I went to one group this week (was great, I loved it) and will be attending another group in two weeks time. I’ll make my decision soon.

Perhaps now is a better time for me to do this than 5 years ago. Who knows?!

First impressions count for so much – I think it’s always important to remember that a good or bad first impression can have lasting effects. And the bad impression I got from the first group definitely contributed to me postponing this for a good 5 years.



One thought on “Toastmasters take 2

  1. Yeah the dynamics of the group definitely have an impact with these sorts of things so if it wasn’t what you were looking for at the time, am not surprised you dropped it. Glad you’re giving it another go though and finding it helpful! I did it a few years ago and thought it was a great exoerience. Gives you good practice and a confidence booster when you realize a lot of people are in the same boat as you.

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