Up in the clouds

Last night I had the pleasure of flying back home just before sunset, and might I say it was absolutely gorgeous. It brought back memories of the first plane trip I remember clearly – as a teenager – it was fantastic to relive and reminisce fond memories of my first major flight.

At the start of our descent we were just above the highest, white fluffy clouds (Cumulonimbus?) with a brilliant blue sky above fading to red/orange sunset. Looking out the window at the stage made me feel all dreamy – what would it be like to hop along though clouds? Would I fall through?

At the next stage of descent we were just above hazy mist and it was clearly dusk! Towards the east (going inland) it was sunset – spectacular red/orange light. Towards the east (and the coast) there was a prism of rainbow colours (with emphasis on reds and pinks in the sky, pain blues in the sea). The rivers and inlets of the coast faded from greens and browns to form a gorgeous silhouette of shapes : land  (dark)vs inlet and ocean (light).

As we descended lower again, familiar sights came into place. Bridges and roads that I recognise. The neon lights switched on in the city. 

I haven’t flown at this time of the day in ages. For now it is my favourite time to fly back to my home city (morning with bright blue skies is also good).

When is your favourite time look out the window of a plane when flying home?Image