Taking time to smell the roses…

Today I had the pleasure of making a train trip north to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. I  usually drive when heading north- in fact I haven’t caught the train up there since I was young and without a car. The travel time is 45 minutes longer each way than if I drive – but travelling efficiently is not as important right now as it is when I’m working full time.

Not only is the journey is actually more scenic by train, but I also got to read my book. This is just another aspect of slower, simpler living I can enjoy now that I’m not working.

The other thing I’ve been doing more of lately is walking – I aim for 10,000 steps per day at least 4 days per week and it’s going well. I’ve even lost some weight by doing this. It’s  a great pleasure having this time I have now, to focus on what appeals to me and to think of ways that I can maintain a more balanced lifestyle when I am working again in the future.